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Our firm collects consumer, commercial, and industrial account receivables and debts.

We not only get Colorado judgments, but collect bad debts through the liquidation of assets.

Uncollected debts cost businesses billions of dollars every year. This causes a negative effect on the bottom line. Our agency goal is to assist with solutions which maximize profits and increase your company’s bottom line.

Call our Colorado office today to set up our outstanding debt recovery program.  Our debt recovery program is tailored to recover the most money for small businesses, while keeping large businesses bottom line low.

Your probably asking what makes our debt recovery program so good? The Answer:

Our tiered rate system ensures that you maximize the     recovery potential and return for your accounts. The sooner you place accounts in our debt recovery program from the date of last contact, the lower your rate will be.

We have in house investigators with the latest state of the art data base system to conduct the following:
bulletSkip trace address locating Colorado and nationally.
bulletBank account locating Colorado and nationally.
bulletAsset locating Colorado and nationally.
bulletU.C.C. records Colorado and nationally.
bulletSecretary of State records Colorado and nationally.
bulletCredit data base Colorado and nationally.